Jockey Club Estates Plan Newmarket Uphill Gallop

Newmarket Uphill GallopJockey Club Estates has revealed plans for a new uphill gallop in Newmarket.

The ambitious design will see the gallop begin below ground level, part-elevated by a bridge before finishing on a man-made mound creating a 30-metre incline.

The location for the four-and-a-half-furlong strip is off Hamilton Road, on Racecourse Side, with one of the major reasons behind the proposal being to induce more trainers to be based in that area as occupancy rates on the Bury Side of town are at 90 per cent compared to 60 per cent on Racecourse Side.

One of the main factors cited by trainers for this discrepancy is the uphill gallop on Warren Hill on Bury Side.

William Gittus, managing director of Jockey Club Estates, said: “At present, the growth in numbers of horses trained in Newmarket shows little sign of slowing, and the increases have undoubtedly played a key role in the horseracing industry’s contribution to the local economy exceeding £210million per annum, and providing over 8,500 jobs.

“However, at 90% occupancy, the capacity of Bury Side to meet future demand is limited.

“To enable further growth, and the economic benefits and employment that will bring to the district, we need to encourage more trainers to base themselves on Racecourse Side, where there is scope for expansion.”