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Newmarket NewsWelcome to Newmarket News. Newmarket News provides the latest horse racing news (including Newmarket race days and other events such as Newmarket Nights) live music events and other news from Newmarket and local organisations.

Newmarket is the home of horse racing and is situated about 65 miles north of London in the county of Suffolk.

Newmarket is no stranger to British royalty since the time of King James I who visited in 1605 calling the place a “poor little village”. Newmarket was also home to Charles I, Charles II and several monarchs since then. The current Queen, Queen Elizabeth II, is a regular visitor as she has many horses in Newmarket in training. Charles Ist refused to surrender to Parliamentary force in Newmarket in 1642 which effectively started the English Civil War during which Newmarket remained Royalist throughout. However the King was captured in Northamptonshire in 1647 and brought to Newmarket to be kept prisoner.

Newmarket is home to 2 large and famous horse racetracks – The July Course and The Rowley Mile – and over fifty horse training stables with over 3,600 horses in training with over sixty horse breeding studs located nearby.

The horse racing industry is the primary source of employment for people in the town. Other major horse racing related landmarks include the National Heritage Centre for Horseracing and Sporting Art, the National Horseracing Museum and famous racehorse auctioneer Tattersalls.

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