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We are a local charity based in Newmarket, established in 1997. Our charity operates a supported housing project, a foodbank, and a large charity superstore, all dedicated to serving our community and making a positive impact to those in need.


Help Save Our Foodbank and Community Pop-Up-Shop

As our charity approaches its 25 year anniversary this coming October, we are reaching out to our community with a heavy heart and an urgent plea for help. Our food bank and community pop-up shop which faithfully serves up to 90 clients a week, is now facing an unprecedented crisis. Due to a severe shortage of food donations and grants our foodbank and community pop-up shop now face the prospect of imminent closure. This is an urgent appeal to your compassion and generosity to help us keep our doors open and continue supporting those in need.

For years, our food bank has been a vital lifeline for families, individuals, and the elderly in our community who are struggling to make ends meet. The demand for our services has only increased, yet our resources have dwindled to unsustainable levels; without immediate assistance, we will be unable to meet the needs of our clients, many of whom rely on us for their next meal.

Every day, we see the impact of food insecurity on our community. Children going to sleep hungry, parents sacrificing their own meals to provide for their children, and the elderly being forced to make tough decisions between food, heating and medicine. It is crucial that we do not abandon them in their time of need. Please consider how you can contribute to this urgent cause. Together, we can ensure that no one in our community goes hungry.

About Newmarket Open Door

Our Supported Housing Project:

Our supported housing project in Newmarket provides a vital lifeline to young adults aged 18-24, offering them not just a roof over their heads, but a comprehensive support system designed to transform their lives. Through a combination of stable accommodation and targeted support services, we empower these young individuals to pursue education and enhance their overall well-being, laying a strong foundation for a successful and fulfilling future.

The journey to independence and self-sufficiency can be particularly challenging for young adults who lack a stable home environment. Many of our residents come to us having faced significant adversities, such as family breakdowns, mental health issues, or previous homelessness. Our charity is dedicated to offering them a second chance. We believe in the potential of every young person and are committed to providing the tools and support they need to overcome their challenges.

Our supported housing project stands as a beacon of hope and opportunity for young adults in need, driven by the belief that with the right support, every young person has the potential to thrive.

Charity superstore teamOur Charity Superstore:

Following a publication in February of this year from our former CEO. Newmarket Open Door is pleased to announce that our charity superstore will not be moving to the previously planned High Street location. Instead, we will continue operating from our current address at 2 Craven Way.

Thanks to our exceptional staff and dedicated retail manager, our superstore continues to thrive in its present location. Newmarket Open Door would like to express our deep appreciation to all our committed employees and volunteers for their hard work.

Our charity superstore serves as a crucial fundraising hub, generating vital funds for our supported housing project. By shopping, donating, or volunteering at our superstore, you directly contribute to our mission to make a positive difference in the lives of those in need. Together we continue to build a stronger, more supportive community.

Newmarket Open Door urgently needs your help to continue our mission.

Here’s how you can support us:

**Fundraise in support of Newmarket Open Door**

You have the power to make a meaningful impact. By creating a fundraiser for our charity, you’re not just raising funds—you’re sharing your passion for our cause and inspiring others to join in making a difference. Whether it’s through a personal challenge, event, or campaign, your efforts can directly support our mission to help change lives. Together, we can create positive change in our community and beyond. Start your fundraiser today and be a catalyst for transforming lives.

By setting up your own fundraiser page on JustGiving, you can take the first step towards making a difference.

**Food Donations**

Non-perishable food items such as canned goods, pasta, rice, and cereals are crucial. Fresh produce, dairy products, and meats are also in high demand. Every donation, no matter how small, makes a difference.

**Make A Donation**

You can donate to our charity through JustGiving. You can also call our main office on 01638 600 699 and speak to us about how you can donate.

**Volunteer Your Time**

We are in need of volunteers to help with fundraising and further social outreach. We also have opportunities to volunteer in our Foodbank and Charity superstore. Please visit our website at where you will find more information and submit a volunteer application form.

**Spread the Word**

Share our appeal with friends, family, and local businesses. Raising awareness about our situation can help us reach more potential donors and supporters.

Thank you for your compassion and support.

With heartfelt gratitude, all of the staff and volunteers at Newmarket Open Door.

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