From Royals to Racegoers: A Guide to Navigating Every Corner of the Royal Ascot

The Ascot Racecourse is one of the main crowd-pullers in the UK every June. Founded by the royal family in the early eighteenth century, the Royal Ascot is among the longest-standing prides of the UK attended by royals, allowing spectators from around the world a chance to see Britain’s Royal Family and showcase their fashion tastes.

So, whether you want to bet on the Royal Ascot races or just want to fully immerse yourself into the thrill of the Royal Ascot Festival, below are the tips to help you navigate every corner of the Royal Ascot. Read on!

Dress Code

Every occasion has its dress code, and so does Royal Ascot. Therefore, you have to be familiar with the dress code because you don’t want to spend the entire day looking out of place.

Casual wear will do for most areas around the ascot, but dressing is dictated by where you are seated. If you want to watch the race from the Queen Anne enclosure, which belongs to royalty, you must get formal attire. As such, gentlemen are encouraged to wear suits with matching shirts and ties in pattern and colour. Please note that cravats and bow ties are prohibited.

Ladies’ skirts and dresses should fall just above the knee or longer, with straps of one inch or more. They should also have a small hat, fascinator, or headpiece. Off-the-shoulder, one shoulder, and bardot tops and dresses are’t allowed.

How to Get There?

Note that, you might want to get up early if you want to find the best spot to sit. That said, there are two main ways of getting to the Royal Ascot for those using public transport.

  1. By Train

If you are in London, there is a train that can take you from Waterloo to Ascot. It will take you a little over an hour to get there, with plenty of interesting things to keep you engaged along the way.

  1. By Road

Usually, some bus companies in the UK organise memorable trips to the Royal Ascot every year. Find the one that is easily accessible to you and book in advance.

However, if you dislike driving or getting on coaches because they are crowded, the good news is that finding a taxi to take you there is not that difficult. Ask the driver to drop you off at Car Park 3.

If you are going there by car, don’t worry about parking. You’ll have over eight thousand spots around Royal Ascot to choose from. Ensure you follow the colour-coded road signs as the GPS might not be reliable around the area. The drive is around 50 miles from London when driving on either the M3 or M4 motorways.


Now that you are already there, where do you sit or stand? Here are four options:

  1. Windsor Enclosure

If you want the first view of the royal procession, this is the place to sit. The dress code here is not very specific. Daywear is okay. In the Windsor Enclosure, you’ll be able to enjoy beautiful lawns, live music, full-service bars, and eateries.

  1. Royal Enclosure

This is the most prestigious enclosure, which is only accessible to members. To acquire membership, you will need two members residing in the same area to vouch for you. While the strict dress code for this area might be discouraging, you will love the luxurious dining offerings.

  1. Village Enclosure

Here is the center of all actions because this area provides a clear view of the racecourse’s central area. You can catch all the action live from all angles. Casual wear is okay because the dress code for the Village Enclosure is usually less strict compared to that of the Royal Enclosure.

  1. Queen Anne Enclosure

This is the enclosure for the royalty. While here, you can enjoy the Parade Ring view, the Home Straight race and easily access the Grandstand. However, you won’t be allowed past the ground floor.

What to Look Out For?

  1. Betting Stalls

Horse racing and betting go hand in hand, which explains why a significant number of attendees here are gamblers looking to try their luck. Normally, betting here gets very exciting, which is why it’s important to find a betting stall away from the crowded places and with favourable odds.

  1. Cash Queuers

Since the Royal Ascot is the most iconic crowd-puller in the UK, queues behind cash stalls sometimes get overly long. In that case, ensure you bring some cash. If not, find cash stalls away from the crowded areas because they have manageable traffic.

  1. The Royals

You should know where the king’s procession passes and where the royalty sits. You should carry along a pair of binoculars for easier viewing.


Navigating the Royal Ascot is simple. All you need to know is the position of the enclosures and those who sit there. Ensure your dress code matches the enclosures, and find the betting stalls if you want to wager because betting in this festival is like a tradition.

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