Upon The Heath At Break Of Day

Ever wanted to be “up on the Heath” at the break of day, watching the horses taking their yawning jockeys for an early morning gallop?

Well, just so you don’t have to, we at www.newmarket.org.uk have done it for you. Simply scroll down and come with us on a pictorial journey to the misty Newmarket Heath…

 Newmarket Heath
It’s not long before you are surrounded by several million pounds worth of thoroughbred, highly tuned, frisky racing horses. It’s not the safest of jobs anyway, but now and then there is extra danger.

2 loose dogs loiter menacingly near the gallop. One dog goes on to the track as a horse approaches. It could have gone very badly but luckily the horse didn`t panic, and the dog decided to move out of the way at the last moment. The dogs continued to explore the heath for an hour or so, then left before the resident Heath Keepers and Dog Wardens could catch them, luckily for the owner.

When you ride Horses, especially Crazy Horses which most thoroughbreds are, danger can come from many areas.

Seeing our roving camera-man in the mist spooked some of them but loose dogs can be disastrous. Although the heath has many warning and restrictive dog notices, inevitably, there’s always the odd irresponsible pet owner who doesn’t take the necessary precautions. With a potential bill of millions, you would think dog owners in Newmarket would take extra care.

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