Petition Against Newmarket Sheep Race Achieves Its Aim

Sheep Race

A Care2 petition which demanded that St Mary’s Church, Woodditton, cancel the sheep race they planned to host on 9th July has now achieved its aim as the event has now been cancelled. Locals say the event would have been cruel.

Petition author Samantha Francis, who lives locally, started the Care2 petition after seeing a road sign advertising the sheep racing event. She was horrified and decided to do something about it. Writing in her petition, Samantha says, “On 9th July sheep, [which] are timid, nervous and easily frightened, will be made to race and jump along a race course, in the heat, with a teddy bear tied to their back, while a noisy crowd shout and cheer. This must be TERRIFYING for them.”


Over 21,000 people signed the petition in just three days. Samantha deliverd her petition to the Reverend recently after the church service. She hoped that the sheep race would be cancelled when the Church saw the outrage from the community, and that has proved to be the case.

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