Mother’s Day Gifts You Can Organise with The Kids


Mother’s Day is all about appreciating mothers and their immense contributions to our lives. While it is necessary to show love and compassion every day, doing something special on Mother’s Day is that extra touch that will make the day even more memorable. I’m sure your kids are preparing something for you, too. Why not join forces and prepare something for your mum – their grandmother?

There is no shortage of Mother’s Day gift ideas to choose from. Some of them are DIY projects that are fun to do with the kids. These ideas are what we are going to be focusing on in this article.

A Personalised Bouquet
A fresh bouquet of flower is one of the classic Mother’s Day gift ideas that work every time. You can pick up a dozen roses and a variety of other flowers to create a gorgeous bouquet. This year, do something more special and have your children make their own ornaments, ribbons and other additions to make the bouquet prettier.
You can find an old glass bottle and turn it into a beautiful vase. Use some oil paint and glitter, and simply let the kids have fun with the bottle. Let them leave hand prints or draw things on the bottle. Before you know it, you will have a beautiful, truly unique vase for the flowers. You can always grab pre-made bouquets of flowers or arrange one yourself for an affordable price.

A Memorable Night Out
When was the last time the entire family spent the evening together? A simple night together, having dinner and sharing a movie to watch, is often all that your mum wants for Mother’s Day. Seeing the entire family together is incredibly heart-warming. On top of that, you can organise some fun games or activities that the entire family can share.

Alternatively, you can also get the kids busy – or book a sitter for the night – and have the evening just to yourself; you and your mom. Make sure the children say hi to their grandmother at the beginning of the evening. Since you’re spending the night together, you can choose a more serious movie while reminiscing about childhood stories or looking at old photos.

A Handmade Tote Bag
Every woman needs a good tote bag. It’s such a versatile fashion item to have, since it is big enough to carry everyday yet still stylish enough to match your mum’s – and your – outfit. This year, get the kids to help you make your own tote bag for Mother’s Day. Similar to the flower bouquet we talked about earlier, the tote bag can be filled with personal touches that will make it that much more special.

Personalised gift like this are the best. You’ll have a big smile on your face the next time you hear your mum tell her friends that you and her grandchildren made the bag for her. Mother’s Day is just around the corner, so get started with your own project and have a special gift for your mum in no time.

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