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Save money and take up the energy challenge

Energy monitors are now available to borrow for free from all Suffolk libraries, including mobile libraries.

The scheme wants to help householders to reduce their electricity bills by showing them instantaneously from inside the comfort of their home, how much electricity they are using and what it is costing them in £s and pence. By raising awareness and changing behaviour, these devices typically save householders between £25 and £75 off a £500 electricity bill.

Why not compete with friends, neighbours and family to see how much you can reduce your electricity use by? The more energy you save, the more you pocket!

Here are some top tips to reduce your electricity bill:

• Switch off all unnecessary lights and appliances
• Wash clothes at 30 degrees and only when the drum is full
• Use the dishwasher on the economy setting
• Only fill the kettle with as much water as you need
• Use a washing line to dry your clothes - it also makes them smell fresher!

Tell us how much you have saved and what your top tips are and you will be entered into the monthly prize draw to win an energy saving ‘Power-down’ plug. Not only will you be saving money but you will help to create Suffolk as the greenest county.

So, take up the challenge today, and see who out of your friends and family can save the most.

For advice on how to reduce your energy usage, visit or...

call the Suffolk Climate Change and Energy Helpline 0800 0288 938 or you could follow us on

The project has been funded by the Creating the Greenest County delivery partnership and is being run in partnership with Suffolk County Council Library Service.