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Newmarket Races

The Newmarket racecourse is a 45,000 capacity British thoroughbred horse racing venue situated in the town of Newmarket, in the county of Suffolk.

Newmarket is home to the largest amount of training yards in England, and is often seen as the headquarters of British horse racing, by racing enthusiasts from around the globe.

Visitors to the town can visit the ‘National Horseracing museum’, which is home to a huge archive of collected information and images of early horses, trainers, jockeys and owners.

The exhibits at the museum draw in racing fans from around the globe, with their ambitions to learn more about history of horse racing, horse racing in Britain – and much more.

The museum can be found located at 99 High Street in Newmarket, and is open to the public from Monday to Sunday, 10am until 5pm – with the exception of Sunday, when the museum closes at 4pm.

Close by is the Tattersalls – the UK’s main auctioneer of race horses. Founded in 1766 by Richard Tattersall, the sales ring is still going strong.

Newmarket racecourse is the host of two of the country’s five classic races, when the 1,000 Guineas and 2,000 Guineas are rode at the track, amongst other group races.

In total, Newmarket host an incredible 9 of Britain’s scheduled annual 32 group 1 races.

On Friday, July 31st, there are a number of races taking place at Newmarket. Punters will descend upon the famous racetrack ready to place their bets in hope of a lucky evening before the weekend.

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Friday’s racing starts at 5.20, which is a race that has the likes of Quite smart, Lackaday and Fujiano involved.

The next race after 5.20 with be at 5.50, with this particular one involving Bridey’s Lettuce, Brigand Chief and Al, amongst others.

The night’s racing finishes at 8.40 when the likes Subtle Knife, Toga Tiger and Dagher race along with six other riders.

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